SXSW Music: Indie Chile Showcase

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Plutopia at SXSW Music:
Plutopia presents the Indie Chile Showcase

Saturday, 20th March 2010
Maggie Mae’s on 6th Street, Austin

For the first time ever, Chilean bands will be performing at SXSW.

Plutopia Productions, Inc., through its relationship with Fringecore and Nacional Records have managed to collect some of the top names in the Childean music scene. Spanning pop rock to indie rock, neo psychedelia to funk, hip hop and rap, this showcase features the best and brightest from this enigmatic Latin American country and beyond. Headlining is world renowned Chilean rap star Anita Tijoux. Also on the bill are C-Funk, a hip-hop and funk quartet who have performed many times with Tijoux. Fringecore managed bands and label mates Intimate Stranger (indie rock) and The Ganjas (neo-psychedelic) have both been selected to perform as are the Brit-pop group Casino and very special guests from Spain, Capsula. This is a one-of-a-kind, “first ever” showcase you won’t want to miss.

Line Up:

8 pm: Casino
9 pm: Intimate Stranger
10 pm: Special guests: Capsula
11 pm: The Ganjas
12 am: C-Funk
1 am: Anita Tijoux

Anita Tijoux

Born Anamaría Tijoux in Lille, France in 1977, daughter to a French mother and a Chilean father while in political exile during Pinochet’s dictatorship. She became famous in Latin America as the female MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the late nineties. In 2006 she crossed over to the Latin mainstream pop due to her collaboration with Mexican songstress Julieta Venegas in the radio hit “Eres para mí”. After the return to democracy in Chile, Anita flew back to her father’s land. Being a teenager, she found home in the emerging hip-hop scene of Santiago de Chile and she started rhyming first in French, then in Spanish. For a while she formed part of a group that included Zaturno, later of Tiro de Gracia. In 1997 she joined Seo2, Cenzi and DJ Squat to form Makiza.

Makiza released their first cassette in 1998, Vida Salvaje was an independent production but gained huge acceptance in the local scene.

At the same time, Tiro de Gracia became the best selling Chilean rap group of all time with their debut Ser humano!! and that focused the interest of major record labels in rap music. As a result of this Sony approached Makiza and offered them a record deal. Aerolíneas Makiza was the result of this deal, a CD that included new and improved versions of some songs from Vida Salvaje plus new songs, including the hit single “La Rosa De Los Vientos”.

Aerolíneas Makiza put Makiza instantly at the top of the game of Latin American hip-hop. Their style of rap was much more evolved than most the other Spanish speaking rap published in the continent to the moment. Their production style resembled the New York underground sound inspired by the Native Tongues. Their lyrics lacked the overwhelming machismo and violence of average rap, focusing more in more sensitive matters. That helped them receive the approval from a wider and more educated audience who weren’t involved in hip-hop culture.

However, In 2001 Anita Tijoux decided to leave Makiza and moved back to France where half of her relatives still lived. She stayed in France until 2004, after which she returned to Chile and she started singing with a Chilean funk band called Aluzinati. That same year she appeared as a featured artist in Control Machete’s last album: Uno Dos Bandera and she also recorded a song with Julieta Venegas for the soundtrack of the movie Subterra.

It came as a surprise to the fans when Makiza announced a reunion show to promote the re-release of Vida Salvaje, now re-mastered and in CD format. Due to the success of that historical concert, Anita and Seo2, the only two remaining members of Makiza decided to reunite the group and started working on new material. Casino Royale was the name of the new Makiza CD, released on 2005 under the independent lavel Bizarro Records. The new formation of Makiza included a third MC: Sonido Acido. In 2006 Anita Tijoux announced she was leaving Makiza again and launching her solo career.

She collaborated as a guest vocalist in Julieta Venegas’ radio-hit “Eres para Mí” which suddenly launched Anita Tijoux to the mainstream pop market all over Latin America, Spain and the U.S.A.

In September 2007 Anita Tijoux finally released her solo debut, named Kaos, under the independent label Oveja Negra. Thanks to the first single, “Despabílate”, Anita was nominated for the Latin version of the MTV Video Music Awards 2007 under the categories: Best New Artist and Best Urban Artist. At the same time she was nominated for song of the year together with Julieta Venegas for “Eres Para Mí”. Her new album is titled 1997.


Funky C (Cristian Moraga – formerly of popular latin-funk band Los Tetas) lands with his debut album Joya, a NEW latin funk sound, combining modern hip hop production with classic funk riffs, infectious vocals, and above all, great song-writing. “A classic old-school live sound mixed with computers”. Joined by a parade of Latin guest stars including Dante Spinetta (from the famous Latin funk group Illya Kuriyaki), Julio Briceño (from Venezuela’s gosadera superstars Los Amigos Invisibles), and his very own father – Hugo Moraga – a musical legend from Chile’s Pinochet era, this astonishing debut is set to forge a new direction in Latin music.

Intimate Stranger

An international band currently based in Chile. Since its formation by Chilean guitarist Lautaro Vera (Cucsifae, Don Fango, Disturbio Menor) and English/Croatian singer/bassist Tessie S-Woodgate, the band has spent time in London, Belgium and Austin, Texas.

After a year writing songs and rehearsing together with drummer Mauricio Muñoz in Santiago in 2006, they recorded their debut album, Life Jacket. The album blends well-paced alternative rock with effective and lingering pop melodies that recall the song structures of their late 80ʼs indie rock influences, but with a really modern sound. Life Jacket is a collection of stories personifying the disconcerting life experiences and deaths of its haunting characters. For Annie, one of the singles from the album is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poeʼs poem of the same name. Itsʼ simple and driven instrumentation back the smooth, melodic female vocals that complete the bandʼs ambience of melancholic indie rock.

The band then spent 2007 and 2008 in Shoreditch, London, playing at all the main underground live-music venues around the capital, including the Rock Garden (which has hosted bands form The Smiths to U2) Bull and Gate, The Enterprise and The Dublin Castle (host of bands such as Oasis, Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs etc…) While in the UK they played a number of festivals and packed out the main venue at LadyFest Festival in Cambridge. They also toured northern Europe with Belgian act Romano Nervoso, which led to major radio play for and In the Black and For Annie from Life Jacket.

In mid-2008 the band returned and began gigging in Chile with keyboardist Ismael Palma. They very quickly built-up a large fan-base in their hometown, packing out all the top clubs and music venues. As regulars at Cine Arte Alameda, Bar Constitucion, SCD and Bar Loreto they are now headliners in the vibrant live music scene that has really flourished over the past few years in Santiago.

They have also been touring around the country building up a strong following in other cities. They have received extensive radio, TV and press coverage, including a review and recommendation of Life Jacket by leading national newspaper ʻEl Mercurioʼ. (“…A singer who is always able to find the perfect intonation and melody and a guitarist who is equally able to compliment and pick out those strong melodies…Intimate Stranger achieve this really well…”) The band was also selected for a interview in the January 2009 edition of Rolling Stone Chile for the ʻLeading Ladies of Rock 2009ʼ special, with a half page photo on the inside front cover. The new set up with synths and keyboards has further evolved the bandʼs sound, as is reflected in the their new material. Their second album Under, will be released in time for SXSW 2010. Both introspective and melancholic, the new songs represent ʻthinking-aloudʼ and contemplation of the self. While keeping with the catchy melodies that characterize Intimate Stranger, sensual and passionate vocals underline the new compositions. The various guitar effects, organs, synths and solid drums create texture, depth and an overall organic ambience on the album, which make up as Karl Nielsen (Head of Marketing at Canal U TV (VITV/Fizz) describes as “a unique and captivating sound”. One style, one sound but a good variety of songs such as: the recent single Under / Held, which garnered considerable radio play, both in Chile, Argentina (where the band recently toured) and the USA.

The Ganjas

One of Chile’s biggest indie acts, The Ganjas, together over ten years, and based in Santiago, are a neo-psychedelic rock band that has been playing, touring, and putting out albums since 2000. Samuel Maquieira (guitar/vocals), Rafael Astaburuaga (bass, vocals), Pablo Guiadach (guitar) and Aldo Benincasa (drums) have released 5 LPs, 1 EP and a split album with Argentinean band The Jaqueline Trash, and have played some of the biggest festivals in South America, including Bogota’s Rock al Parque, Vive Latino, and Cumbre del Rock performing for over 50,000 people. In 2008 they embarked on a Brazilian Tour (Sao Paulo, Goiania, Rio de Janeiro) where they played on the same stage with Helmet, The Vaselines, and Black Dice. Later that year they returned home to play the Santiago Urban Festival, where they opened up for Jesus & Mary Chain and R.E.M. The Ganjas have had two hit singles and their respective videos, Let’s go to the beach and Dark Side, gained extensive air time on all major music television channels. In 2006 the band was nominated at APES (Asociación de Periodistas de Espectáculo) as Best Rock Band. Their latest album, Loose has been immensely popular on the indie circuit. Their 2010 touring schedule will be highlighted by shows in the US during the spring, including SXSW 2010.


Formed in early 2003 as a rock trio, Casino has been constantly evolving and developing a fresh sound in every record they make. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in 2005 and produced by lead singer, Pablo Giadach, whose studio has recorded the most important bands on the Chilean independent music scene.

“En tus manos” the first single of their debut album, was also the main theme tune in the movie Promedio Rojo and quickly became a big hit with major radio play in Chile and Spain. This album featured in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best of 2005 and Casino was nominated as best new artist in the Rock and Pop radio awards.

In the beginning of 2007, Casino recorded their second album Volcanes. Showing a more intimate, dark, psychedelic side, this album was acclaimed by the critics. Two singles were released Lo que fue and Curs.

In the last six years, Casino has continued doing what they like most: Performing live. They have been played in the most important venues in Chile, including twice in the National Stadium. They opened for the Romantics in 2006 and Kraftwerk and Radiohead in 2009.

Today, Casino is a four member combo with guitarist Rodrigo Astaburuaga. They are currently in the studio recording their third album. This is the first album to feature songs in English.

“A promising debut. Casino is a safe bet.”

Rolling Stone

“In a world where national rock appears more scattered than ever, Casino is definitely an exception. It has a clean, deep, dense and sonic sound and an atmosphere that feels like lava. Surely one of the best records of the year.”

—Alejandro Alalui – Volcanes in Rolling Stone


From Buenos Aires via the Basque Country to the world, raw guitars, sonic sounds & noise straight to your heart & bones. Formed in 1997 to produce hallucination & enlightenment, these live sexy animals on stage, hailing from the streets of South America mix their raw noise and sonic sounds in a hyper exciting live act. Capsula is a band from Buenos Aires located in Bilbao. Their name is the Spanish word for Capsule and derives from the David Bowie song Space Oddity and The Jean Genie. Influenced by 60′s South American psychedelic rock and garage they have released EPs, albums, played festivals, toured UK, Europe and South America. In 2008 and 2009 they played at SXSW. Described as live musical animals on stage by the European press, their songs with raw mix of sonic sounds results in a refreshingly and hyper exciting live act. They recorded Songs & Circuits in 2006, their fourth album and first for the Madrid-based label Discos Liliput. The album was acclaimed as one of the best albums of 2006 by the rock media in Spain, who described them as “Sonic Garage rock for the 21st Century” reminiscent of The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and the early Rolling Stones. In October 2008 Capsula signed with BCore Disc, releasing Rising Mountains in April 2009. The album Rising Mountains (2009 BCore Disc) and Capsula show in SXSW 2009 were chosen by David Fricke as one of the big surprises of the festival.

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