Event Production

Future-Focused Event Production

By engaging Plutopia Productions to produce your event, you will have all of our vision, creative talent, ideas, extensive connections and resources on your side. We combine everything you need into one creative and production team, offering you an impactful, far-reaching, and powerful return on your investment.

Plutopia specializes in creating exciting, immersive, future-focused events that engage your audience with state-of-the art innovative content. A Plutopia Production will inspire a sense of wonder and excitement that will leave your audience buzzing with a quality takeaway of new ideas and connections. Our integrated approach includes:

Setting the stage and creating the mood via uniquely themed environments using:

  • Innovative, “wholly other” set design, décor, lighting, projection, special effects and costuming
  • State-of-the-art inventions, interactive art, architecture, games and toys
  • Our crack team of thoughtfully culled technical production and creative multimedia production experts
  • Creative synergizing of cross-vertical collaborators
  • Our extensive network of beyond the pale, bigger playing field entertainment: thought leaders, actors, musicians, scientists, inventors, speakers and more.
  • Incorporating to the best of our ability and knowledge the latest green and sustainable technologies that give your event the least possible footprint

Your audience will directly experience compelling visions of the near-future and beyond (from a plutopian vs. dystopian perspective), heightened creativity, and the thrill of discovery. Join us on the far-reaches of the frontier!

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