Front Line Panels


Developed by our Chief Creative Officer, Derek Woodgate, and The Futures Lab, Frontline Panels are a critical component of our unique approach to futures visioning and prototyping.

We have conducted over 160 Frontline Panels worldwide, covering topics as diverse as the future of transportation, the future of the home, the future of the music industry, the future of direct marketing, and the future of media and its impact upon society.

What are they and why are they important?

The Frontline Panel consists of an eclectic group of 8 – 10 leading future-thinkers, from a variety of industries and or disciplines. The panelists provide our discussion with balanced, innovative, unconventional input for future development.

The Panel is run more like a forum-style workshop than an ideation session or focus group. Our panels have been described by participants as ‘conversations about the future’ - far more stimulating than the typical brainstorming session. This is evident in the output that we realize.

Frontline Panels allow us to open new gateways and explore ideas. They are about hijacking unexpected signals and breakthrough ideas rather than the sort of incremental thinking often associated with more typical expert panels.

It should come as no surprise that our panels provide us with an array of start points for the development of paradigm-shifting concepts. They yield unique perspectives and insights that are otherwise unlikely to evolve.

Who are the participants?

Our panelists are drawn from diverse backgrounds, depending upon the assignment in hand. They have included a leading designer of spacecraft, the world’s foremost authority on future materials, acclaimed writers, social scientists, filmmakers, renowned artists and musicians, TV personalities, top business people, cutting-edge games and motion graphic designers, product developers, specialists in future robotics and human machine interfaces, university professors, retail experts, scientists, philosophers and just plain street savvy geniuses. They have one thing in common – they are future-centric, revolutionary thinkers. Focusing and distilling their combined insights and energy is both our challenge and specialty.  Click here for a full list of past panelist collaborators.

Where are the panels held?

We choose to host our panels in inspirational, creative venues such as art galleries, photographic studios, futuristic buildings and hip clubs. Our panelists and locations are out of the ordinary, and it goes without saying that so too are our discussions.

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