We’re big fans of Plutopia pal Steve Silberman’s recently-launched blog, called NeuroTribes, which includes “dispatches on science and scientists, culture, politics, and neurodiversity.” Latest post is an interview with Carl Zimmer, author of the new e-book Brain Cuttings: Fifteen Journeys Through the Mind. Steve and Zimmer talk specifically about e-books as the future of publishing:

I saw people eating up books with their Kindles and iPads. I looked at the numbers and realized that there’s a real ecosystem taking root. I saw other writers saying, If I don’t have to deal with paper and glue and binding, I’ll just write something and sell it. There’s a lot of writing that we all do that could be read by more people….I wrote this article on the Singularity for Playboy, which made me really happy. But then a funny thing happened: I didn’t get a single piece of email about it. Once an article is in a magazine, it’s on the newsstand for a couple of weeks, and then it’s thrown in the trash. I want people to keep reading these things, and putting them in an e-book offers readers another opportunity.

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